Sermons and Papers

Sermon Series on the Vision Staments of Dr. Barry

A six Part Series

by Pastor Robin Fish

The Sermon Series which you can access below is not here because it is the best series ever written. It is here because it is the goal and aim of this web site to provide sermons, Bible Studies, and other materials for the Church. Pastors in need of ideas, confessional Lutherans in unfaithful regions (where they may not be able to find a confessional Lutheran pastor) who may desire sermons and such for their strengthening and encouragement, and congregations in emergency need of sermons and materials in the absence of a pastor may find these resources profitable.

The series topic is of immediate applicability to LC-MS congregations -- since the 1998 convention of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod voted to continue this fine vision emphasis. The sermons are essentially as preached -- typo's and all. These sermons represent one pastor's presentation of these vision statements to his congregation. The texts were suggested by the Synod's printed "Vision Statement Cards".

Therefore, with your indulgence, I offer these short sermons with the prayer that they may be useful and edifying.

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